Cause and effect

It seems that the more I knit and sew, the less I blog. Or, is it that the less I blog, the more I knit and sew? Whichever way round it is, there has been very little blogging but a lot of crafting going on.

In the month since I last blogged, I knitted a baby cardigan, finished my Simmer Dim shawl (although it still needs blocked), designed and knitted a hat and matching fingerless gloves, finished a neck-warmer, and sewed a log cabin quilted cushion cover.

I also made quite a bit of progress on the border of another shawl, started another hat, and started sewing a bedspread.

Having written all that down, I’m starting to wonder when I had time to work, sleep and study!

Lots more details to come on all of these but the only one I have pictures of at the moment is the baby cardigan.

a picture for you

This is the Kira cardigan from Harumidori designs and it is absolutely adorable. I wasn’t a great fan of the layout of the pattern document, which was very cluttered and difficult to read, and there were a few typos in the text although I didn’t spot any actual errors in the numbers. I love the finished cardigan though. I knitted in Rowan Pure Wool Aran, which was really soft after washing and blocking but I’m a little worried that some of the red dye ran during washing.

It’s a bit big for the baby that it was given to since he was only 10 days old when we saw him but I had knitted the 6-12 month size.  However, he was wearing the baby hat that I had knitted for his older brother about 2½ years ago, which is apparently still going strong and is still his mum’s favourite baby hat. This was the beanie hat from Natural Knits for Babies and Moms by Louisa Harding. The RYC Cashsoft DK has held up really well with washing, is still really soft and apparently the sizing and fit are just perfect for newborns.


It’s very satisfying to knit gifts for people who really appreciate them!

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