Retail therapy

I said I wasn’t going to post again until after my exams but I wanted to show off the packages that arrived this morning. I indulged in a little retail therapy while I was ill and everything arrived at once.

Gingham invaded

First up, some brilliant fabric from Voodo Rabbit. Steven showed me a post about their cushions on Boing Boing and, when I saw they had fat quarters of the fabric available in the their Etsy store, I just couldn’t resist. I bought a fat quarter each of “Gingham Invaded” in white on black and black on white.

Gingham invaded

I have no idea yet what I’ll do with this. Steven is talking about getting some for himself to make another dice bag. I’m somewhat tempted to order lots and lots of it from Spoonflower and make my own cushion covers or a quilt!

On a far less geeky note, I also bought a shawl pin from South4th on Etsy. I keep seeing their Ravelry ads and had been trying to resist but being ill lowered my resistance and I succumbed.

Shawl pin

I’ve wanted a new shawl pin for a long time but was looking for something small and reasonably plain, whilst still being pretty. The myrtlewood pin fits the bill perfectly. It’s beautifully light, the oiled finish is gorgeous and it looks great with my shawls. Unfortunately, all the shawl pictures I took were out of focus so you will need to wait for better pictures of that.

Now, back to the books!

My desk

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