Shades of grey

My Simmer Dim is finished! It has actually been finished since March but I didn’t blog about it because I was waiting until I had blocked it.  It’s still not blocked but it turns out that I love wearing it this way so I’m not going to bother with blocking for the time being.

Simmer Dim

The yarn is the Fyberspates Thick Nef Lace that I bought at Knit Nation last year. It’s wonderfully soft and I love the blend of greys.

Simmer Dim

Gudrun’s pattern was excellent as always. Clear instructions, straightforward knitting and a beautiful result.

Simmer Dim

I had hoped to end up with a simple, elegant shawl that I could wear to work: mission accomplished!



2 thoughts on “Shades of grey

  1. So very pretty! I love the colour and I also think it looks lovely unblocked! It must be very nice to wear, just the right size. Great yarn! If this is a sign of what you can get from Knit Nation then my wallet is doomed… oh dear.

  2. Thanks! I was somewhat overwhelmed with the huge amount of beautiful yarn available last year and was probably lucky to come with as little as I did!

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