Looping the loop.

I don’t know where I got the idea that I needed six buttons for the Lesia Loop. The pattern quite clearly says that you need five and I had only knitted five buttonholes. Fortunately, only needing five buttons when you have six is a much smaller problem than needing six when you only have five.

Lesia Loop

For all my recently-declared love of blocking, I’ve decided to leave this shawl unblocked as well. The lace pattern is airy enough without being stretched and, since I didn’t swatch, I just kept knitting the shawl till I thought it was big enough, which means that it would probably end up enormous if I blocked it.

I love this shawl but, unfortunately, the buttons that I’ve used are just slightly too small. I managed to get them to stay buttoned long enough to take this photograph but until I manage to get new buttons, I’ll just have to stick to wearing it as an ordinary rectangular shawl.

One of my favourite things about this shawl is that it squashes up really, really small so can be squeezed into a bag when it’s not being worn. I have a woven pashmina that I carry around a lot in case I need a little bit of extra warmth but it takes up far more space than this will.

It’s just occurred to me that I have some black and white fabrics that would make a nice little pouch for this. Hmm, I think I feel a sewing project coming on!

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