Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…

…or not as the case may be.

I had big plans for last weekend – three days of sewing, knitting, painting (doors, not art!), and the photography and final edits for my shawl pattern.

Instead, I ended up with some sort of stomach bug or possible food poisoning and spent three days on the sofa watching DVDs. I did get some knitting done:



This is the progress so far on my Diamond Serape Shawl, which I’m knitting in the Wollmeise that I bought at Knit Nation last year.

This is definitely going to be a project where the enjoyment comes from the product and not the process. Even after several repeats, I haven’t really gotten into the rhythm of this design and I keep making mistakes. So far, they’ve been easy to spot and fix so I haven’t been discouraged from keeping going. The pattern itself is full of spelling errors and typos, which annoy me in a pattern that I’ve paid for (particularly when there are so few words in it). The chart is correct though, which is all I really need now that I’ve started.

It doesn’t help that I’m undecided on my opinion of the yarn as well. Opinions on Wollmeise seem to vary between “I love it because the colours are so beautiful that I don’t care about anything else” and “I hate it because it’s so string-like that I don’t care how beautiful the colours are”. At the moment, I fall pretty squarely in the middle. I absolutely love the richness of the blue (which the photograph above doesn’t really do justice to) but it does feel a lot like knitting with string. The texture doesn’t seem to matter so much when it is knitted up and I’m hoping that it will soften a little with washing. Also, I’m knitting it into a shawl so I don’t need it to be particularly soft and would rather it was more string-like if that means it will be less likely to pill and wear.

In other words, the jury is still out on this one and I’ll let you know when the final verdict comes in.

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