It’s Estonian lace, Jim…

…but not as we know it.

Lace scarf

My current project is a lace scarf using a stitch pattern from the Haapsalu shawl book. Except that I’m using hand-painted, dark-coloured silk rather than natural-coloured wool, and metal circular needles rather than wooden straights. Oh, and it’s a narrow scarf rather than a shawl and it won’t have a border. Other than that, it’s definitely Estonian lace.

The pattern is Käpakiri 2 (Paw pattern 2) and the yarn is Silk Lace in Nutmeg from Hedgehog Fibres. The 100% silk is stunningly luxurious and the colours are beautifully coordinated. Also, because the yarn is hand-painted, there’s no pooling or striping of the colours.

In theory, this will be a birthday present for my mother-in-law who would love these colours but I might have to knit another one for myself before I can part with this one. Fortunately, there will be plenty of the silk left!

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