When I needed sunshine, I got rain

The only thing you can be sure of with the Brits and British weather is that we’re always happy to talk about it and we’re never happy about it. If it’s raining, we wish it was sunny; if it’s sunny, we start worrying about hose-pipe bans and sun-burn. I am further convinced that the British weather has a mean streak; if you’re relying on particular weather on a particular day, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll get the exact opposite … which is exactly what has been happening to me this week.

I had planned a photo shoot for this week for my latest design. The pattern is for a summer shawl so the shoot was going to be outside and there was going to be grass and sunshine and I even bought strawberries:


And then it rained … and then it was sunny but I had to do all the other outdoor things that I hadn’t done because it was raining … and then I had time and it was raining again.

I know when I’m beat so I abandoned the idea of taking the photos outside and took some inside instead. Then I spent ages making them look like I hadn’t taken them in a corner of bedroom with a sheet pinned up and then, once I had everything the way I wanted it, the sun came back out!

Oh well, at least I have the pictures and an enormous bowl of strawberries to munch on.

Speaking of the pictures, here is a taste of what is to come when the pattern makes it through the editing process (hopefully, this week):


Can you guess what I’ve called it?

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